The list below demonstrates the correct spelling and trademark designations of Westmed products. Please refer to this reference when citing Westmed products.

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ANAPOD™ – Heated Humidification System for Anesthesia

BagEasy® – Bag-Valve-Mask Manual Resuscitator

Biflo™ – Nasal Mask

BlockAide™ – Pulmonary Function Filter

Circulaire® II – High-Efficiency Aerosol Drug Delivery System

Circulaire® II Hybrid – Aerosol Delivery System for Home Care

CO2 Easy™ – Carbon Dioxide Detector

Comfort Soft Plus® – Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Crickett™ – Needle Protection System

EarMates™ – Foam ear protectors for nasal cannulas

FloEasy™ – Adult High Flow Heated Humidification Nasal Cannula

Hauge™ – Endoscopy Airway & Conscious Sedation Kit

HEART® – Continuous Nebulizer, Large Volume

IV HEART™ – Continuous Nebulizer

LavaBed™ – Neo-Pod “T” Humidifier Cartridge

MiniHEART-HiFlo® – Continuous Nebulizer

MiniHEART-LoFlo® – Continuous Nebulizer

Neo-Pod™ “T” – Transport Humidifier for Neonatal Transport

Neo-Vent™Infant T-piece Resuscitation Circuit

Pedi-Lim™ – Pediatric Single-Limb (Coaxial) Anesthesia Circuit

PediNeb™ – Pacifier/Nebulizer

Pressure Safe™ – Neonatal High Flow Nasal Cannula

Pulset™ – Arterial Blood Gas Sampler (syringe)

Q4 Neb Pak™ – Multiple VixOne™ Disposable Small Volume Nebulizer Kit

Super Spike™ – Children’s Aerosol Mask

Uni-Lim™ – Adult Single-Limb (Coaxial) Anesthesia Circuit

UniHEART™ – Continuous Nebulizer

Vibralung® Acoustical Percussor – Acoustic Airway Clearance System
  (registered trademark of VibraLung, Inc.)

VixOne™ – Small Volume nebulizer