VixOne™ Nebulizers

The VixOne™ small volume jet nebulizer (SVN) is one of the enduring standards in respiratory therapy. A direct descendent of the classic “Acorn” nebulizer, the Westmed VixOne can be deployed and operated in 4 different configurations:

(1) in conjunction with a standard tee, 6” flex tube and mouthpiece/mask delivery system;
(2) in conjunction with a valved tee adapter in a positive pressure ventilator circuit;
(3) in conjunction with the PediNeb pacifier/aerosol delivery device for infants; or
(4) in conjunction with a conserver-type high-efficiency aerosol drug delivery system such as the Westmed Circulaire II or Circulaire II Hybrid high-efficiency aerosol drug delivery systems.

Technical Specifications:

  Maximum Fill Volume   10 mL
  Nominal Fill Volume   3 to 4 mL
  Residual Volume (RV)   ~1.0 mL or less
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  Aerosol Generation Rate   0.25 mL/min @ 6 L/min
  Aerosol Generation Rate   0.30 to 0.35 mL/min @ 7 L/min
  Aerosol Generation Rate   0.35 to 0.40 mL/min @ 8 L/min
  Time to Sputter   5 to 6 minutes @ 8 L/min
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Particle Size Distribution:
  MMAD   2.6 to 2.7 µM @ 8 L/min
  Respirable Mass (%<5 µM)   82%


Various Configurations:

VixOne Configurations. Left to Right: On a tee with 6″ reservoir, as part of the PediNeb pacifier/nebulizer, attached to extendable ventilator tee (direct-connect valved tee adapter also available), and on Circulaire II Hybrid aerosol delivery system.



Download the VixOne Brochure

Download the VixOne and PediNeb Brochure

Click on the image above to download the VixOne and PediNeb Brochure.

Technical & Educational Resources

VixOne in the Literature

In a comparison study of 17 SVNs by Hess and associates, the VixOne was characterized by having the highest inhaled patient dose (~0.75 mg) among all devices (loaded with 2.5mg / 3 mL albuterol solution).1

In the same study, the VixOne had both the highest respirable mass output per nebulizer and the highest respirable mass available to the patient, as well as an MMAD of 2.7 µM).1

In another study, by Gardenhire, Ari and associates, they document that the VixOne nebulizer outperforms the Monaghan™ AeroEclipse® II nebulizer in both continuous mode and breath-actuated mode with respect to inhaled mass, and show that there is no statistically significant differences between the two devices.2


1.  Hess D, Fisher D, Williams P, Pooler S, Kacmarek RM. Medication nebulizer performance: Effects of diluent volume, nebulizer flow, and nebulizer brand. Chest 1996; 110:498-505.  ⬇︎ Download, PDF, 4 Mb

2. Gardenhire DS, Ari A, Zimmerman C, Gardenhire RE, Parkman S. An in vitro comparison of dosimetric and constant output nebulizers. Respir Care 2007; 52(11): 1580.  ⬇︎ Download, PDF, 102 Kb

Instructional Materials:

VixOne Proper Assembly Handout

VixOne Proper Assembly Handout


Understanding the Hess Paper, Clinical Education Bulletin

Understanding the Hess Paper, Westmed Clinical Education Bulletin