Q9.  Can I plug in the Vibralung to an electrical outlet?  What about if I travel to other countries?

A9.  Yes, but only for charging the internal battery by way of the included power transformer.  You cannot take a treatment with the unit plugged in.  By design, the Vibralung TCU (Treatment Control Unit) will not operate when it is plugged into the power transformer, regardless of whether the transformer is plugged into an electrical outlet or not.  This is a safety feature.

If you travel to other countries, feel free to take your Vibralung and its battery charger.  The battery charger is compatible with 110 VAC, 60 Hz electrical current found in the United States and many other countries and is also compatible with up to 240 VAC, 50 Hz electrical current found in other countries.  You may have to use an adapter plug to fit the charger into the electrical outlet, but you do not have to use an electrical power converter.


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