Q16.  Can I use a nebulizer with the Vibralung?

A16.  Yes.  The nebulizer must be the Westmed Circulaire II high-efficiency aerosol drug delivery system for 5 reasons.   One reason is because it is the only aerosol delivery system or nebulizer that the FDA cleared for use with the Vibralung.  The second reason is that the Circulaire II has been extensively tested with the Vibralung and its performance in the presence of the various sound wave patterns has been determined to be equivalent to, or better than, its performance in the absence of the sound wave patterns.  The third is because the Circulaire II functions as a “non-rebreathing” valve on the Vibralung to prevent you from inhaling your exhaled carbon dioxide.  The fourth is because the Circulaire configuration does not block the sound waves and the fifth is that the Circulaire allows PEP to be maintained.  The configuration of other nebulizers would make it impossible to achieve these benefits.


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