Q14.  Is the Vibralung an oscillating PEP device like the acapella® or Aerobika®?

A14.  No, the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor is a gentler form of airway clearance than oscillating PEP devices.  Instead of interrupting the airflow during exhalation to create vibrations in the airway, the Vibralung uses sound waves during both inspiration and exhalation to vibrate the air in the airway.  This, in turn, causes the airway and the secretions to vibrate at their own particular natural (resonant) frequency.  This helps to separate mucus from the airway surface without having to do the special breathing maneuvers necessary to use the Acapella and Aerobika effectively.

acapella® is a registered trademark of Smiths Medical.  Aerobika® is a registered trademark of Monaghan Medical Corporation

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