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Keep Tubes Where You Want Them

TubeCatch™ was engineered using the same “no-slip” soft material in the Strapette™ securement device. The no slip material provides superior securement for tubing and cables. The outside of the holder is a soft fabric that will not stick to clothing or snag during patient transportation. The adjustable Velcro® tackle allows for more versatility with different tube sizes. TubeCatch™ has a metal clip that allows it to attach to the patient bedding as necessary. This allows the patient greater mobility, reduces strain on equipment such as trach collars or CPAP/BiPAP masks, Tracheostomy and Endotracheal tubes, and several sizes of respiratory tubing, giving both clinician and patient greater peace of mind. Additionally, there is no residue left on tubing or equipment and it has been manufactured to be free of bunching and twisting, further protecting the placement of the tube or cord – ideal for use during transport, allowing the patient to keep equipment with them always.

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Maintain Clean Therapeutic Devices

TubeCatch™ was specifically designed to address one common issue: keeping respiratory tubing and cables from sliding down onto the floor. Securing tube and cables  helps to keep the tubing and cables clean and neat. Properly secured tubing adds to safety and comfort for all concerned. The TubeCatch™ provides the assistance needed by keeping everything in place while setting up or adjusting a patient’s interface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Flexible fabric-covered Velcro arm tackle for a better fit and enhanced versatility
  • Clip-attachment secures tubing holder to clothing or hospital bed
  • Effective no-slip material
  • Soft outer material helps to avoid snags on clothing and other objects
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