Comfort Soft Plus® Cannulas

Westmed invented the soft nasal cannula. Westmed was the first company to provide a total solution for maximizing patient comfort while virtually eliminating ear and facial ulcers resulting from high interface pressure from hard PVC (polyvinylchloride) nasal cannulas. Westmed product development engineers created a unique and proprietary elastomeric polymer that could be extruded and injection molded.

Unlike conventional PVC cannulas, which are hard and create considerable friction and shear forces when dragged across the skin, Comfort Soft Plus® is highly elastic and relieves pressure on and behind the ears, thereby preventing pressure ulceration. Whatever “they” call it, no other “soft” cannula from any other manufacturer, performs as well as Westmed Comfort Soft Plus.®

Under CMS’ “Pay for Performance” rules, hospitals can vastly reduce oxygen cannula wound care expenses and “never event” penalties. Prevention of even the smallest of pressure ulcers, such as those that occur behind the ears of nasal cannula wearers, can result in significant cost reduction for most hospitals, thereby justifying complete hospital-wide and IDN-wide conversion to Comfort Soft Plus.

Eliminate the risk altogether. Ear ulceration rapidly escalates from Stage 1 to Stage 4 due to the fragile anatomy of the skin and cartilage structure of the ear. These types of ulcerations require preemptive prevention. By time you are deciding how to treat, it’s too late. The expense of skin breakdown that is now well-known to be associated with PVC cannulas is now preventable through the use of Westmed’s revolutionary Comfort Soft Plus material.


Westmed now offers a broad range of sizes and types of Comfort Soft Plus nasal cannulas and masks, including:

  • Adult Standard Comfort Soft Plus Cannulas
  • Adult High Flow Comfort Soft Plus Cannulas
  • Pediatric, Infant, Neonatal & Premie Standard Comfort Soft Plus Cannulas
  • Pediatric, Infant, Neonatal & Premie High Flow Comfort Soft Plus Cannulas
  • Biflo™ Nasal Mask


Download the Comfort Soft Plus Cannula Brochure

Download the Comfort Soft Plus Nasal Cannula Brochure

The Comfort Soft Plus Cannula Brochure outlines features and benefits, part numbers and ordering information for the large selection of standard and high flow cannulas for adults and children.

Technical & Educational Resources

Educational Resources:

Comfort Soft Plus Inservice Education Module (PDF, 16.5 Mb)

Turjanica MA, Clark L, Martini C, Miller P, Turner BL, Jones S. Incidence, Correlates, and Interventions Used for Pressure Ulcers of the Ear. MedSurg Nursing 2011; 20(5): 241-246. (PDF, 583 Kb)

Eliminate HAPU (Hospital/Home Acquired Pressure Ulcer) – See UPMC and VA Wound Care Study information:

UPMC – A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Prevention of Ear Pressure Ulcers

VA No More Sores

Comfort Soft Plus Instructional Video

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