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It’s About Time!

To:            Respiratory Care Director

From:        Westmed, Inc.

If your Respiratory Care Department is still cleaning nebulizers in-between treatments, or if you have some concerns about compliance with the CDC Pneumonia Guidelinesand the CMS tracer2 pertaining to nebulizer cleaning, Westmed can save you time and money and virtually guarantee your compliance with the CMS tracer.

It really is all about time.  Time is money.  Time spent cleaning nebulizers is time wasted.  Especially when there is a better, less-expensive solution that achieves the objectives of the CDC Guidelines.  

Westmed’s Q4 Neb Pak is your solution to nebulizer cleaning.  Don’t waste time cleaning the nebulizer after the treatment.  Throw it away.  Use a brand new nebulizer for each treatment.  The nebulizer, or aerosol generator, is the riskiest component of an aerosol delivery system; much more so than a soiled mouthpiece or flex tube.  It is the only component capable of creating a contaminated aerosol that can be inhaled by the patient.  Throw the nebulizer away; use a new one for each treatment.  Westmed makes it easy and convenient with the …

Q4 Neb Pak™

The Q4 Neb Pak contains a daily reusable tee, a mouthpiece, a 6-inch flex reservoir tubing and O2 tubing, plus 6 Westmed VixOne™ disposable small volume nebulizers that can be discarded after each treatment, enough for 6 daily treatments.  If you have a critical patient receiving greater than 6 daily treatments, simply break out a new Q4 Pak whenever it’s needed and the same time and money savings continue to accrue.

One Q4 Neb Pak per day, or even two, for patients on high-frequency treatments, is still significantly less cost that the labor cost of cleaning the nebulizer after each treatment.

Let’s do the math …

You can plug in your own nebulizer cleaning time and labor rate, but in all likelihood, you will still demonstrate that it is less-expensive to discard the nebulizer after each treatment than take the time to properly clean and dry it.

Not just any nebulizer …

The VixOne™ small volume jet nebulizer (SVN) is one of the enduring standards in respiratory therapy. A direct descendent of the classic “Acorn” nebulizer, the Westmed VixOne, in a comparison study of 17 SVNs by Hess and associates,3 was characterized as having the highest inhaled patient dose (~0.75 mg) among all devices that were loaded and tested with 2.5 mg/3 mL albuterol solution.  

In the same study, the VixOne had both the highest respirable mass output per nebulizer and the highest respirable mass available to the patient, as well as an MMAD of 2.7 µm.3

Visit the VixOne Nebulizer page for even more details about this acclaimed device.

MMAD = 2.7 µm

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Technical and Educational Resources

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1.  “CDC Guidelines.”   The “CDC Guidelines” pertaining to nebulizer cleaning, are located within the CDC’s publication “Guidelines for Preventing Health-Care-Associated Pneumonia, 2003: Recommendations of CDC and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee.”

2.  “CMS Tracer.”  In 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of the US Department of Health and Human Services, released draft surveyor worksheets for their FY 2013 Patient Safety Initiative Pilot Phase.  In 2014 the final State Surveyor Worksheets were released as described in this update by the AARC.

3.  Hess D, Fisher D, Williams P, Pooler S, Kacmarek RM. Medication nebulizer performance: Effects of diluent volume, nebulizer flow, and nebulizer brand. Chest 1996; 110:498-505. 
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