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Westmed presents check to American Red CrossCFO, Doug Pearson, and IT Director, Scott Jewell, present a check to Pamela Gray, Regional Corporate/Foundation Philanthropy Officer for the American Red Cross in the amount of $10,070.00. Employees raised $5,035.00 for disaster relief for the victims of the three hurricanes that hit the Southeastern US and Caribbean and an Earthquake that hit Central Mexico. Westmed matched the funds they raised dollar for dollar.

During the presentation Pamela Gray shared many of the ways the Red Cross is assisting the disaster victims with Immediate needs assistance such as shelter, food, medical assistance, and contacts for families; Intermediate needs assistance for such things as prescriptions, clothing, and personal items; and Long-term assistance such as they are needing in Puerto Rico where clean water and food are still in short supply.

75 people from Westmed donated to our disaster relief fund. Representing them in the presentation of the check to the American Red Cross are: Back Row: Ray Byas, Scott Jewell, Julian Suaso, Leroy Wilson, Front Row: Mike McCarty, Doug Pearson, Mary Nelson, Sylvia Merino, Sue Shine, Diane Garcia-Ysmael, Gaudelia Gavino, and Dora Perez-Villavelazquez.


Westmed is constantly developing new products in response to ideas and demands from clinicians and patients . . . 

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Neo-Vent™ Infant T-piece Resuscitation Circuit

The Westmed Neo-Vent Infant T-piece Resuscitation Circuit is simple, dependable, and economical. The Neo-Vent Infant T-piece circuit complies with standard practice guidelines recognized by ILCOR and AHA’s Neonatal Resuscitation Programs. Available with gas supply tubing and also with 2 sizes of soft, cushioned masks.

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Muc-Away Nasal Aspiration Device

The Muc-Away™ Nasal Aspiration Device is a simple, safe and noninvasive way to clear nasal passages in neonates. Unlike other nasal suction devices, the Muc-Away™ features a transparent tip and tubing to enable easy visualization of aspirated fluids for greater confidence in neonatal care. Designed for a comfortable fit without irritation, the Muc-Away™ Soft Tip creates a gentle seal in the nares to protect the fragile nasal mucosa.

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Pressure Safe™ Neonatal High Flow Nasal Cannula

The Pressure Safe High Flow Cannula is designed to mitigate high pressure changes that may cause barotrauma conditions.  A unique pressure-limiting Pop-Off feature prevents airway pressure from exceeding 21 cmH2O.  The required pressure phases of high flow therapy are now clearly controlled and observed with Pressure Safe.

In addition, the patented Comfort Soft Plus® elastomeric formulation minimizes cannula friction on the patient’s skin. This produces a greater wear comfort and safeguards against epidermal stripping that can occur from traditional PVC cannulas and/or adhesive securement tape use.

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Vibralung® Acoustical Percussor

The Vibralung Acoustical Percussor applies vibratory sound waves, during both inspiration and exhalation, over a wide range of frequencies (5 to 1,200 Hz) to vibrate the column of gas in the tracheobronchial tract. As a result, mucus is loosened and separated by sympathetic resonance throughout the airways to promote safe, effective and gentle ACT like no other alternative. The Vibralung can be used as either sole therapy, or adjunct therapy, depending upon the patient’s needs and response. It is lightweight, battery-powered and portable so it can go wherever the patient goes.

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Download the HiFlo MiniHEART Circulaire II Brochure

Hi-Flo MiniHEART Circulaire II Continuous Nebulizer

Now you can achieve the efficiency and positive effects of continuous nebulization therapy (CNT) with the advantages of enhanced delivery, less waste and greater protection. It all comes together in the new Hi- Flo MiniHEART Circulaire II Continuous Nebulizer, exclusively from Westmed. This unique combination of features makes the new Hi-Flo Mini- HEART Circulaire II Continuous Nebulizer the ideal choice in your ED.

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