Neonatal Comfort Soft Plus® Cannulas

Comfort Soft Plus Neonatal Cannula

Now all NICUs can provide the soft gentle touch of Comfort Soft Plus® Neonatal Cannulas when delivering oxygen through a nasal cannula to the smallest and most delicate patients – premature and full-term newborns. Westmed Neonatal Cannulas minimize your concerns about friction and shear forces to the fragile skin of your tiniest patients. In a premature newborn, the delicate skin is always at risk for disruption of its normal barrier function because of trauma.  

You can’t let your guard down. It is far better to prevent injury in the first place, than try to treat and reverse it later. Preventative care avoids and reduces trauma, protects the skin’s immature barrier function and promotes skin integrity.  

Westmed invented the soft cannula and was first-to-market with a revolutionary proprietary elastomeric polymer called Comfort Soft Plus.™ The softness and pliability of the material reduces interface pressure, practically eliminates frictional shear forces against the skin, and eliminates the need to utilize clumsy foam wraps and tape that may actually cause additional trauma.

Available in both color-coded Neonatal High Flow and Standard Flow designs, Westmed’s Comfort Soft Plus Neonatal Cannula has become the standard of care in NICUs across the United States and around the world.

Also see the Pressure Safe™ Neonatal High Flow Nasal Cannula for Heated Humidification; the only neonatal HFNC with a built-in pressure-limiting pop-off feature.

Basic Sizes (see specific product literature for greater level of detail).

  • High Flow Sizes (color-coded):
    • Premature – yellow
    • Neonatal – white
    • Infant – light blue
    • Pediatric – green
  • Standard Flow Sizes:
    with 7-foot O2 tubing:

    • Premature
    • Neonatal
    • Infant
    • Pediatric


Download the Neonatal Soft Cannula Brochure …

The Neonatal Comfort Soft Plus Nasal Cannula Brochure outlines the features and benefits and describes the various part numbers, types, sizes, color codes, supply tubing configurations and ordering information.