Westmed’s neonatal and pediatric products portfolio includes a variety of unique products specifically designed for normal newborn, premature newborn infants and pediatric patients who require respiratory care, blood gases, transport, oxygen therapy, and/or humidification and warming. Westmed has a number of indispensable, one-of-a-kind products for this special group of patients.


Aerosol Delivery

Airway Clearance

Anesthesia Masks


Bubble CPAP

Capnography/CO2 Detector

Chin Strap


Hydrocolloid Skin Protection

Heated and Humidified Transport Circuits

HME and Filters

Manual Resuscitators

Nasal Aspirators

Nebulizer with Pacifier

Oral Airways

Oxygen Delivery Devices

Securement Devices

Tee-piece Resuscitator

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