The Westmed nebulizer compressor is the ideal choice of small, portable, electrical air compressor with which to operate Westmed’s VixOne small volume nebulizer or Circulaire II Hybrid high-efficiency aerosol drug delivery system for the home.

Intended Use
This compressor is intended to be used with a nebulizer to convert inhalable drugs into an aerosol form for inhalation by a patient for the treatment of asthma, COPD, and other respiratory ailments.  The device is intended for the alternate care market for use with a single adult, pediatric or infant patient.

0398 Compressor with Reusable VixOne
Compressor with Reusable VixOne™ Nebulizer
nebulizer with compressor
Compressor with Reusable VixOne™Nebulizer, Super Spike Mask™ & Pedi-Neb™