MRI Transport Ventilator Circuit

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A complete, lightweight, ready-to-use, non-metallic MRI transport circuit in a single small package. Compatible with Westmed BagEasy™ Manual Resuscitator, and with some portable transport ventilators that have a passive exhalation valve. Features a minimal deadspace non-rebreathing valve with a swivel patient connector, adjustable PEEP valve and a proximal monitoring port that can be used for airway pressure. Now available with Adult CO2 Easy™ Carbon Dioxide Detector: 2-inch diameter indicator is easy to read and the anti-fog lens reduces condensation from exhaled gas. Purple-to-yellow color change allows CO2 to be confirmed from a distance.


MR-Safe. The entire circuit is magnetic resonance imaging safe and is completely non-metallic, non-electrically conductive, and non-RF reactive.

Expandable Tubing. 
The packaged length of the 22 mm corrugated tubing is only 28 inches, yet the entire circuit expands up to 8 feet to allow convenient ventilator positioning away from the patient or outside of the MRI magnet.  

Single-piece Patient Valve.  
Below left – with integral adjustable PEEP capability. Below right – Monitoring port with tethered cap allows connection of external pressure gauge or sidestream capnograph for expanded monitoring capability.

Port Connection Safety Label on Patient Valve


Also available with CO2 Easy™ Exhaled Carbon Dioxide Detector

CO2 Easy™ Exhaled Carbon Dioxide Detector


Features & Benefits

  • Pre-assembled for simplicity in setup and use
  • Lightweight, decreases pull on endotracheal tube
  • MRI-compatible, no metallic parts, no shadows
  • Expandable tubing, ~28 to ~96 inches
  • Minimal Deadspace
  • Integral PEEP Valve, not an add-on accessory
  • Patient swivel connector, easy to attach and position
  • Also available with CO2 Easy™ Exhaled Carbon Dioxide Detector
  • PEEP Valve Range (Calibrated Scale) = 4 to 20 cmH2O (±4 cmH2O)
  • Minimum <3 cmH2O; Maximum >20 cmH2O
  • Deadspace of non-rebreathing valve = 10 mL
  • Tubing Length = ~28 inches, collapsed;  ~8 feet (96 inches), extended
  • Minimum tubing compression/compliance (fully collapsed) = 0.47 mL/cmH2O
  • Maximum tubing compression/compliance (fully extended) = 0.95 mL/cmH2O
  • Compatible with the Westmed BagEasy® Manual Resuscitator as an extension.
  • Compatible with MRI transport ventilators that have a passive exhalation valve

Note:  It is recommended that customers determine the compatibility and performance of the MRI Transport Circuit with their specific ventilator(s) according to their facility protocols.

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