HMEs (Passive Humidification) and Respiratory Filters

Angled HMEF

Westmed’s Breathing Filters and Heat & Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) are the optimal choice for passively enhancing inspired humidity in breathing systems when heated humidification systems are not feasible to use.

With bacterial/viral filtration efficiencies in excess of 99.9%, and high moisture retention characteristics, Westmed offers the right product, for the right application.




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A wide range breathing filters, HMEs, and HMEFs are available. Be sure to download the brochure for a complete description.

Luer gas-sampling ports on all HME and HMEF products

ISO-standard connections for secure, leak-free attachment to breathing systems for both anesthesia and respiratory therapy applications

Available individually-wrapped, in convenient case quantities, or as optional additions to your customized Westmed breathing circuit

Superior moisture output, minimum size, low breathing resistance and optimal economy

Download the HME and Filter Brochure

The HMEs and Filters Brochure has complete specifications (description, mechanical deadspace, tidal volume range, flow resistance, moisture output, and bacterial/viral filter efficiency) and all the various configurations.