HEART® Continuous Nebulizers

The HEART® (High Output Extended Aerosol Respiratory Therapy) continuous nebulizer was the defining first-to-market device in the now well-established realm of continuous nebulization of beta-agonist medications for asthma, COPD and acute bronchospasm. The HEART continuous nebulizer defined the paradigm and then Westmed expanded it by adding a complete family of continuous nebulizers for specific aerosol delivery objectives and circumstances.


The family of HEART Continuous Nebulizers offers many options for exceptional versatility to meet all of your continuous nebulization requirements.

The original HEART Continuous Nebulizer has a 240 mL reservoir volume, sufficient for up to 8 hours of nebulization, and is available in both a pole-mount and a flowmeter mount configuration.

The MiniHEART Lo-Flo® has a 30 mL reservoir volume and operates at 1 to 2 L/min, making it ideal for interfacing with ventilator circuits when high flow nebulizers and electronic mesh nebulizers are not applicable.

The MiniHEART Hi-Flo® also has a 30 mL reservoir volume but operates at 8 L/min to produce a typical nebulizer output aerosol with an operating time of up to 90 minutes, thereby making it an ideal device for bronchodilator rescue therapy in the Emergency Department.

The HiFlo® MiniHEART Circulaire® II (shown below) is the ideal device for the “asthma rescue” in the Emergency Department. 30 mL capacity, high dose β2-agonist delivery, high FIO2, closed-system with reservoir, expiratory filter, PEP resistor, Comfort Soft Plus® portless face mask and the ability to be run on heliox.  Click on photo below to jump to HiFlo MiniHEART Circulaire II page.

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The IV HEART has a 100 mL reservoir volume for up to 4 hours of nebulization at 10 to 15 L/min while the UniHEART Universal Nebulizer has a 10 mL reservoir volume and operates at 2 to 4 L/min making it ideal for continuous mask therapy in cooperative children.


Download the HEART Nebulizer Brochure

Click the image above to download the HEART Nebulizer Brochure.

The HEART Nebulizer Brochure has full descriptions of each member of the family, all the specifications, and all the part numbers. 


Technical & Educational Resources

Download the HEART Dosing Card

Download the HEART Dosing Card

The HEART Dosing Card provides ready reference tables showing how to prepare various dilutions and concentration of beta-agonist medication to provide Continuous Nebulization Therapy (CNT) for time periods of up to an hour and more.  Pocket-sized copies of the HEART Dosing Card on rigid cardstock are available form your Westmed sales representative or may be obtained through Westmed Customer Service.

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