Flo Easy™

Adult High Flow Heated Humidification Nasal Cannula

Optimize your high flow oxygen delivery. Enhance compliance, safety and patient comfort in high flow oxygen delivery during heated humidification, with the new Flo Easy™ Adult High Flow Heated Humidification Nasal Cannula, exclusively from Westmed. 

Unlike traditional nasal cannulas made of PVC that often abrade the skin, the new Flo Easy Cannula is constructed of a proprietary elastomeric biomaterial. Lighter, softer and more flexible than common polyvinylchloride (PVC), the Flo Easy Cannula is specifically designed to be more comfortable to wear. Its clear, soft tubing minimizes friction and shear forces at all contact points on the face and around the ears, while providing strain relief whenever the patient moves. A lanyard helps to keep the cannula with the patient as intended and a Pop-Off Valve prevents airway pressure from exceeding 40 cm H2O. 

Don’t settle for a cannula with thick elastic straps that can snag and pull on the hair, or a bulky nosepiece that can chafe the upper lip, or rigid construction that can tug on the cannula whenever the patient moves, requiring frequent repositioning by the caregiver. In contrast, you can select the unique design and flexible material of the Flo Easy Cannula that promotes a symmetrical alignment on the face to reduce repositioning time, regardless of patient movement. The over-the-ear, “Bolo-Style”, adjustable slide feature and extended curved nasal prongs combine to enable a secure and comfortable fit, while allowing the patient to have maximum freedom of movement at all times.

Make pressure ulcers a thing of the past.

Like the other Comfort Soft Plus cannulas from Westmed, the Flo Easy Adult High Flow Heated Humidification Nasal Cannula virtually eliminates the pain, discomfort and cost of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers that commonly occur with traditional nasal cannulas.

As an added value, under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ “Pay for Performance” guidelines, Westmed offers healthcare organizations a proven solution to significantly reduce oxygen cannula related wound care expense. Ask your sales representative or contact Westmed for more information.

Optimize your outcomes during high flow oxygen delivery using heated humidification with the one nasal cannula created to enhance patient comfort. Specify the new Flo Easy Adult High Flow Heated Humidification Nasal Cannula from Westmed.

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    • Pop-Off Valve:  40 cmH2O
    • Flow Range:  <60 L/min
    • Temperature Operating Range:  18 to 37° C
    • Resistance to Flow @ 40 L/min:
      • Small = 21 cmH2O (2.06 kPa)
      • Medium = 19 cmH2O (1.86 kPa)
      • Large = 17 cmH2O (1.70 kPa)
    • Connector: ISO 5656-1, 22 mm Male, Conical
    • Latex Free & DEHP Free
    • Specifically designed for use with the Fisher & Paykel MR850™ System 
MR850™ is a trademark of Fisher & Paykel USA.


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