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At Westmed, our Employees and Employee Teams are the heart and soul of our operation.  Whether it’s our primary manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Tucson, our small business office in Denver, or our modern and technically sophisticated manufacturing plants in Nogales and Tecate, you are the force that drives us all to succeed.

P/N 75330 Rev. 14 (11/9/2016)

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Westmed Quality Policy

Consistently produce and deliver on schedule, high quality products that satisfy specified criteria and standards and applying product and service improvement activities to the needs and requirements of the Customer.

Politica de Calidad

Producir y entregar consistentemente, a tiempo y con alta calidad, productos que cumplen normas y criterios especificados, aplicando la mejora continua a nuestro producto y servicio para satisfacer las necesidades y requerimientos del cliente.  

2019 Company Calendar

Westmed observes the following seven US holidays with pay for all full-time regular employees: 

Date Holiday
January 1 – Tuesday   New Year’s Day
May 27 – Monday   Memorial Day
July 4 – Thursday   Independence Day
September 2 – Monday   Labor Day
November 28 – Thursday   Thanksgiving Day
November 29 – Friday   Friday after Thanksgiving
December 25 – Wednesday
  Christmas Day


When a regular holiday falls on a weekend, the Company will post whether the holiday will be observed on the preceding Friday or the following Monday.

Full-time regular employees are eligible for paid holidays as a benefit of employment. To receive holiday pay, you must be present the workday before and after the holiday unless formally excused by management.  The excuse will automatically include vacation requests that have been properly approved per Company procedures.  All holiday pay consists of eight hours of pay at the employee’s regular pay rate. An Employee on any leave of absence is not eligible for holiday pay. Non-worked holiday hours are not considered hours worked when computing overtime (see Overtime Section).

Due to Company work needs, Westmed reserves the right to require any employee to work on any Company holiday.  Employees who are asked to work on a listed holiday will be paid according to the regular and overtime hours they have WORKED that week plus 8 hours of holiday pay for the day of the holiday.