Download Link for PowerPoint
Download Link for PowerPoint Show Zip File (41.3 Mb)

PowerPoint Show:

At 41.3 Mb, the Westmed COPD Readmission Reduction Program PowerPoint Show is too large to attach to an email. Most email servers will reject files this large on either the sending end or the receiving end. This download link gets around those email restrictions.

Simply click on the thumbnail picture above to download the PowerPoint Zip file and save it on your desktop or, preferably, in a folder.

Then right-click on the zip file to unzip it.  It should unzip into two separate files: 

  • COPD Readmission Reduction Program (9-8-2017).ppsx (The PowerPoint Show)
  • VL-PPT-Clip.mp4 (A short video clip embedded in the PowerPoint)
    (If you move the PowerPoint Show to a different folder or directory, be sure to keep the .mp4 video clip file with it).

Double-click on the .ppsx file to run it.  You must have a relatively current version of Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer.  The file will open into full-screen Slide Show mode (not editing mode).

PDF Copy for Printing or eMailing (4.6 Mb but the video clip does not run):

 COPD Readmission Reduction Program (9-8-2017) Squeezed.pdf