CO2 Easy™

Featuring the largest visual indicator available, the CO2 Easy™ should be positioned where clinicians and first responders can effectively view critical carbon dioxide levels without looking away from the patient. The non-toxic, pH sensitive indicator uses familiar purple-to-yellow color conversion when CO2 is exhaled. 



Features & Benefits

  • The 2-inch diameter visual indicator makes response easy to see.
  • The anti-fog coated lens reduces condensation from exhaled gas.
  • The purple-to-yellow color change indicates the presence of exhaled CO2 that, in turn, indicates tracheal intubation, an open airway and the presence of perfusion. 

CO2 Easy is for patients weighing 15 Kg (33 pounds) and above.

Pedi CO2 Easy available for children weighing 1 to 15 Kg (2.2 to 33 pounds). 

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Download the CO2 Easy Brochure

Download the CO2 Easy Brochure

The CO2 Easy Brochure outlines features and benefits, specifications, usage and part numbers and ordering information.

CO2 Easy Instructional Video

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