Thank you for your interest in Westmed. If you have visited our website before, you might notice that we’ve updated the Homepage with a new look and slogan, “Breathtaking Innovation”. It’s our way of saying who we are and what we stand for, after nearly three decades of providing innovative products to meet your needs in pulmonary medicine. If you are new to our site, it’s my sincere pleasure to welcome you to Westmed. Since our founding in 1992, our mission remains to provide innovative solutions in respiratory care and anesthesiology that enhance your patients’ quality of life, maintain a high margin of safety, augment your professional performance, and reduce the cost of care for facilities, payors and patients alike.

Uncompromising research and development are the foundation for the company’s technology leadership in an ever-growing portfolio of disposable and reusable products. What started with clinically superior aerosol drug delivery systems and continued with a new measure of accuracy in arterial blood gas sampling, now includes the new standard of care in nasal cannulas and masks, advanced capnography monitoring, and active heated humidification systems for both adults and neonates in the operating room, as well as the rigors of patient transport.

My special thanks go out to the people of Westmed, who are the lifeblood of the company. Whether it’s our primary manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Tucson, AZ, our business office in Denver, CO, or our modern and technically sophisticated manufacturing plants in Nogales and Tecate, Mexico, our people are the energy that drives us all to succeed.

As a global leader with international accreditation, Westmed is committed to actively listen to your needs. Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns, so that we may continue to innovate on your behalf, and better serve the needs of respiratory care and anesthesia practitioners worldwide. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Jon McKinnon, CEO
Westmed, Inc.