CO2/O2 Devices for CO2 monitoring and oxygen delivery

Capnography, CO2 Detector Cannula
Nasal Cannula
oral nasal cannula
Oral/Nasal Cannula
O2CO2 Mask
CO2/O2 Mask

Features and Benefits:

  • CO2 monitoring useful during conscious sedation, general anesthesia, and with use in intubated patients
  • Cannulas have internal septum which prevents mixing of gases, that can effect CO2 reading. One lumen delivers oxygen and the other monitors end-tidal CO2
  • Cannulas made with Comfort Soft Plus® (CSP) Material. CSP is a highly elastic, soft material that relieves pressure on and behind the ears, preventing pressure ulcerations.
  • Oxygen devices come with threaded nut adapter eliminating the need for Christmas tree adapter.
  • Broad range of sizes and types of CO2 monitoring devices for mouth breathers, intubated patients, and those who need higher flows.
  • Not made with Latex or DEHP
gas sampling tee with swivel elbow
Gas Sampling Tee with Swivel Elbow
Gas Sampling Line with filter
Gas Sampling Line
flex extender
Flex Extender
gas sampling elbow
Gas Sampling Elbow

Products also available with reflective technology

Hauge II Airway – great for endoscopy Oral airway, bite block, CO2 monitoring, and oxygen delivery in one

TN-CO2 Sampling Solutions
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