Neo Peds - Large Capette (red) with large tube tackles

Tube Support for Neonates to Pediatrics

As a clinician in the NICU, you are keenly aware of the many difficulties in keeping devices attached to infant patients. Capette and Strapette effectively solve this problem. Both of these products are adhesive free and protect the infants from skin damage. They provide a standard head band that is easy to apply, and tube tackles which can attach anywhere to hold whatever tubing you are using. The head band and tube tackles can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds for a more efficient assembly.

Neo Peds - Neonatal Strapette with small tube tackles, CP-4220 - Pediatric Strapette with small tube tackles for cannulas

Strapette is intended for infants and pediatrics

Capette is designed for the smallest neonates and infants, and comes with a two-ply cotton hat to keep them warm. Strapette is intended for infants and pediatrics, and has a very soft and tacky foam on the inside which sits comfortably on the skin. Together, Capette and Strapette provide a more effective tube support with less risk for skin damage for neonates to pediatric patients in all scenarios.

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