Blood Gas Syringes

Westmed offers a broad range of blood gas sampling products that incorporate OSHA/FDA-recommended safety features for needlestick protection and the best dry heparin anticoagulation technology, starting with the top-of-the-line Pulset™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler with Crickett™ Needle Protection.

Pulset™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler

Accurate and economical, the Pulset™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler assures simplicity and safety in blood gas handling.  The dual-function, vented syringe allows the user to choose either the pre-set plunger mode or manual aspiration.  Powdered dry balanced lithium/zinc heparin provides rapid anticoagulation, eliminates CO2 dilution error, and has virtually no impact on electrolytes.

Designed to minimize the risk of needlestick injuries, the Cricket safety shield extends quickly and locks over the used needle to prevent accidental needle-sticks. Available in a variety of needle gauges and sizes, the Crickett Needle Protection System is engineered as an integral part of the needle to comply with all FDA, OSHA and NIOSH guidelines.

Download the Pulset brochure

Download the Pulset Brochure, then contact Westmed to have your sales representative call upon you to show and demonstrate the Pulset and other Westmed blood gas samplers and kits. 

  • Pulset™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler with Crickett™ Needle Protection
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  • Umbilical Cord Blood Gas Sampler
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