Masks, Anesthesia

All Westmed Anesthesia Masks feature clear and flexible faceplates with soft elastomeric cushions for maximum patient comfort and are available in a range of 6 standard sizes to fit patients of all ages.


Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates the possibility of corneal abrasion due to contour of mask, requiring less facial pressure
  • Unique ergonomic shape fits all facial landscapes for improved sealing capability
  • Benefits to clinicians include the requirement for less hand pressure, reduced strain on the hands, and the prevention of hand discomfort and repetitive stress injury
  • Soft, pliable air-filled cushions available with and without an inflation valve
Download the Anesthesia Masks Brochure

The Anesthesia Masks Brochure outlines features and benefits, specifications, part numbers and ordering information for the many different sizes and configurations.