Aerosol Studies Demonstrate the Superiority of Westmed Aerosol Poducts. For over 20 years, Westmed has been in the aerosol drug delivery business, providing high quality jet nebulizers and a comprehensive family of aerosol delivery systems to meet every conceivable need. Before that, principles currently at Westmed brought the highly successful Acorn nebulizer to market while at Marquest. As Marquest devolved and Westmed was formed, the Acorn nebulizer was brought to Westmed where it was slightly modified and legs were added so that it would support itself without tipping. It was renamed VixOne and remains unchanged and extensively utilized today. The VixOne is commonly used by itself in the standard ‘tee’ configuration as well as in combination with the Circulaire II and Circulaire II Hybrid high-efficiency aerosol drug delivery systems.

In 2008 Westmed introduced the improved Circulaire, dubbed the Circulaire II, which featured a top-hinged ‘flapper valve,” instead of the old center-post one-way valve used in the original Circulaire, plus a thin-film reservoir bag instead of the thick vinyl reservoir bag used in the original Circulaire. These improvements vastly increased the mass of drug in each inhalation and the total mass of drug capable of being delivered. These enhancements enabled the Circulaire II to more than double it’s previous drug delivery rate and to deliver more than double the drug delivery of competing devices while shortening treatment time to half as much.

In 2010 Westmed introduced the Circulaire II Hybrid version that substitutes an elastomeric reservoir ball in place of the thin-film bag. The ergonomically designed reservoir ball may be easily attached and detached for cleaning in the home treatment environment. Plus, it stands up without tipping for rinsing and drying after cleaning and can also be used in the hospital for “sticky” drugs that would previously interfere with proper motion of the bag.